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Game Night and Grilled (Pimento) Cheese

This is so good that we’ve been twice – Game Night at West Egg.  Every Thursday night, West Egg cranks down the volume of business (which I’m sure they hate but we love) and they load up their large table in the front with games.  The kitchen gets all creative and makes a different grilled cheese every week – I had bacon jam and pimento cheese and OMG it was sinful!  Pictured below is what I noshed on the first time we went – their famous PB&J where the ‘B’ stands for burger and the ‘P’ does not stand for peanut but rather pimento cheese.  Highly recommend it and the mac and cheese!



Westside Hop

This is my favorite little nook in Atlanta and it has been for years:  The White Provisions area- so many great options all within a block!


Does your date like beer? Start her/him off with beers and darts at Ormsby’s.  Then head over to Yeah! Burger for a low key but still delicious meal and then to Yoforia for dessert or back to Ormsby’s for bocce ball.

Is your date into wine?  Start at Perrine’s for a wine tasting (there happens to be one on 12/11 at 5:30).  Then dinner at JCT Kitchen or The Optimist (further than a block but worth it as noted in a previous blog) but make sure you have a reservation since 8p is prime dining time. Still have room for dessert?  West Egg has a bakery if you can get there by 10p or Six Feet Under for yummy key lime pie, banana bread pudding or brownie sundae.

Happy Hopping!

A Gamer

I just had an amazing lunch at Empire State South and thought “What a great place for a date!”

Hugh Acheson is the chef/partner of Empire State South. Acheson is a four-time James Beard Foundation nominee and chef/partner of the lauded Five & Ten and The National in Athens, GA.

Great food, good atmosphere and…

bocceBocce ball! (Click for directions on how to play.)  I can’t wait to go back and try one of their crafted cocktails (work always gets in the way of the fun).

I think games are such a great way to break the ice and help minimize those moments of silence that we all want to avoid.

And while we are on the subject there are other great restaurants/date spots that have games as well.  Try The Optimist for putt-putt and Ormsby for darts, shuffleboard, and bocce ball, both are on the West Side.